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I am Neveah, a young intergalactic peace leader, "THE CHOSEN ONE." I was chosen by an ancient group to find ten of the most extraordinary kids to complete my mission. My mission is to teach kids around the world how to deal with bullying and to learn their superpowers. Accompanying me on my mission is my partner Dunamis. He has special powers to heal, impart divine knowledge and understanding into the hearts and minds of children so that they would have the ability to become innovators, leaders or professionals in their generation.
Children were created with a purpose in mind. They are unique, different, lovable, special and handpicked by the Master of the Universe to bring joy to the Earth. Children have special gifts and abilities that were given to them and I came to Earth to ensure that their mission  is accomplished!
Children have stories to tell, and our aim is to ensure their stories are told in creative and colorful ways.






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