It is challenging to understand how climate change occurs, and what causes it, it is even more challenging to explain so that children understand. However, here we will simplify things for you. So, this means you must make an effort to learn, because you, the smallest...


The moment he showed up at school, everybody knew Travis was poor.  His clothes were tattered, he never carried any money and his hair was never clean.  Usually when a poor kid started school, the bullies picked on him the most.  Many of the kids hated that but they w...

The 90 Day Author Kids present its latest treasure to the world...Exhousia Kids who are extraordinary genius kids. Their mission is to save the earth from global warming and the effects it will have on the planet.


There are people who may be nurturing apprehensions abo...

Global warming affects all of us in some way. Learning about global warming and its effect on our planet will help us facilitate ideas on how to save it. Whether you’re a kid, an adult, or a senior citizen, we can all contribute in making our world a better and safer p...

Bobby has always been very shy. He was sweating every time his teacher was asking him something, even though he knew the answer. His parents couldn’t understand why he was so shy. He was a very smart and good-looking boy. Because of his shyness, many of his classmates...

Kimberly loved cartoons.  It was a pretty big hobby before; but when mom and dad let her have a TV in her room she really started loving cartoons even more.  She loved the old ones a lot like Bugs Bunny, The Roadrunner, Popeye and many new ones too.  Recently, the one...

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