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The 90 Day Author Kids simplifies the whole publishing process for authors, by being there for you every step of the way. Our team goes above and beyond to get your book ready for distribution. Let your book be among the next top sellers.

We pride ourselves in assisting children authors by doing the editing, proofreading, cover design and page layout. The 90 Day Author Kids also offer assistance in marketing your book. We know from experience that readers and social media outlets want to know more about you as a person. This is where the fun element comes into play. Let your imagination run wild and use some very descriptive language when putting your Bio together. We take personal interest in your work while letting you maintain creative control of your book.




Copyediting is the last and the most crucial part of the writing process just before production. It involves proper and thorough cleaning of the writing.

We offer professional copyediting service that entails precise and detailed grammar and spelling corrections; we also check your content for cohesion and consistency. We dot every I's, cross every t's and we ensure the crossed ones are fit for publishing.

Our team of deft copyeditors cross-checks every name, location, and description, ensuring they are consistent throughout the story. We also ensure your content is unique and save you the headache of having to face copyright issues.



Proofreading is the editing done just after the first copy of the edited content is printed. It entails a comparison of the edited content with the printed ones.

We also have a team of professional proofreaders who will accurately compare every word, phrase, sentence, and page in the printed copy with the edited one.

We have an eye for details, and so we catch every unnecessary comma and wrong placed full stops. We ensure that your content is clean and ready for publication.

Any writing that bypasses the proofreading process before the final publication is at the risk of being withdrawn from the market in no time. Proofread your book so it can stand out and also give your customers satisfaction.



Imagine the right message written with the wrongs words; it can ruin your entire work. This is where line editing is needed. Line editing entails checking every word, phrase, and sentence in your story, ensuring it correlates with your intention.

We offer Line Editing services by ensuring that your content is explicit, fluid, and passes the exact message you intend to send to your readers. One wrong word can tick your readers off and make your work lack substance and value.

You do not want to spend your nights of thoughts and writings just to be flawed by one wrongly used word. We help ensure this does not happen by ensuring your content has the right tone, emotion, and is easy to read.



Your book is ready and about to be published, but you have quoted many people, and you are not even sure your quotes are right. Or you are not sure your content will be clear to your readers, even though it seems clear to you. Then, your work definitely needs developmental editing before publishing.

Developmental editing entails checking the flow, clarity, and value of your content. A developmental publisher checks the flow of your storyline and ensures it correlates with the subject matter.

Our developmental editing is topnotch as we do all the crosschecking described above in your content. The essence of doing this is so that you do not publish a fluffy content but one that beats every standard.


Copyediting is the last and the most crucial part of the writing process.


Imagine the right message written with the wrong words; it can ruin your entire work.


Developmental publishing entails checking the flow, clarity, and value of your content.


We ensure your content is clean and ready for publication.

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