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The third on our package list and definitely a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious  one, is our SUPER package.


This package is designed to bring out the talent in you and nurture them into reality. Can you imagine leaping over tall buildings in a single bound? What about transforming your ideas into something incredible!


Thanks to a series of tools and products that we have developed, we have only one purpose: take your book and throw it towards the stars, making it jump immediately to the top of all online rankings, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble.

Our SUPER package is the real superhero of our packages and it includes the superpowers of all the other packages and many other exclusive contents that it possess in order to give you that BANG!

But what are the superpowers you'll get in the SUPER package?

The SUPER Package Includes:
♦ Author One-on-one Support
♦ Author and Book Website
♦ Copyright Registration
♦ Custom Cover
♦ eBook Digital Formatting and Distribution
♦ Full-Color Marketing Materials
♦ Global Book Distribution
♦ ISBN Number
♦ Inclusion with Amazon
♦ Inclusion with Barnes & Noble
This package will be your best ally to become a best-seller and create the hero of your dreams!

Our package contains these features as they have been designed to meet all market needs and based on the requests of all our customers, and we will modify it if you need other tools to become the # 1 writer in the world!

What does it mean?


The package is continuously updated, and our staff is always at your disposal to provide all the necessary support to allow you use every single tool and feature in the best way possible. You have trusted us, you have revealed your secret identity and plans for conquering the world, and all we can do is help you realize all your dreams.
Contact the staff to find out all the information about the prices of our packages and the payment methods we accept. Don't hesitate, buy our kit and BOOM!


You are learning about your power. 


You are cool and you know it. Let others see how cool you are.


Your superhero powers are activated. 


Your wow factor has reached it's peak. You are on the cutting-edge of greatness.


PSSST...!  Listen closely. We create your comic book for you. WHOOSH!  

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