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You totally rock!  With our ROCKSTAR plan, it’s time to rock! This plan offers you the opportunity of having skillful and experienced minds deliver your book strategically to the public.


We will be your Publicist, helping you with public relations duties. These duties include identifying your target audience and reaching out to them in a professional yet interactive way. What does this mean to a kid?

For starters, we get to help plan your events such as book signings, interviews, and conferences. This is lights, camera, action time. We pitch your book to influencers, journalists, and sponsors that can help your writing go viral. We also connect you with topnotch channels all over the world where you can further express the uniqueness of your book and the need for everyone to get it.

Our ROCKSTAR plan also includes us helping you manage your audience, both online and offline, giving them the right responses to their comments, questions, or clarifications. The 90 Day Author Kids have the best Publicist who will employ their wealth of experience into effectively transforming your publicity. 

It is vital to include this ROCKSTAR plan as part of your ideas even before you publish your book as this is one of the best means of getting the right audience and sponsors. 

There is no need to think twice as we cannot wait to see you become a Rockstar. Contact our team of experts for more information.









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