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The first on our package list and definitely a KAPOW! With this powerful package, you get to showcase your superhero writing skills to the world in a professional style. Remember, those unique super skills of yours are not meant for your mind alone or hidden in the deepest part of your mind. Showcase it; the world has to see your mind through your writings. What better way can you show that to them except by using a professional style.. 

The POW package offers you:

•    Author one-on-one support
•    Basic cover
•    Basic interior design
•    Copyright registration

Seems massive, yeah? You need not be overwhelmed as we help transform your superhero ideas and manuscripts to a topnotch book. With this package, you can be sure of our unwavering support throughout the process of bringing your creativity to reality. POW package delivers you premium-standard proofreading and editing. Your unique skill, delivered with an animated tone, are the necessary ingredients for powerful results; hence, we help by fixing the right words and phrases in the right way just for you.

In addition, from the wealth of experience we received from sojourning all over the world, we know that a captivating book cover can transform the natural into becoming supernatural. The POW package offers you a classic and captivating Book Cover that stands out anywhere, such that everyone who sees it will eagerly want to discover the amazing secrets in the book. 

The Pow Package Includes:

♦ Author One-on-one Support

♦ Basic Cover

♦ Basic Interior Design

♦ Copyright Registration


We offer various payment options that will suit your needs.  Please contact our representative for more details and package prices.



You are learning about your power. 


You are cool and you know it. Let others see how cool you are.


Your superhero powers are activated. 


Your wow factor has reached it's peak. You are on the cutting-edge of greatness.


PSSST...!  Listen closely. We create your comic book for you. WHOOSH!  

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