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If you’re already familiar with the POW beginners’ publishing package, we’re back with a cooler package that offers a lot more support! Have a captivating story about a superhero that wants to save the world? Or perhaps you want to convey the despairing tale of a misunderstood anti-hero? We are sure that wild ideas unimaginable to us have been brewing up in your mind. Wouldn’t it be a favor to the world to bring them to life? Every comic book writer has a unique writing and illustration style. And they all deserve to have an audience. COOL aims at giving them that well-deserved audience. 
But to turn these dreams into reality requires serious effort. The Narrator in The Amazing Spider-Man once said, “With great power comes great responsibility!” Lucky for you, COOL is ALL about getting the job done. With a lot more exciting features than POW, this package will make you set for business. Imagine your idea on the cover of a one-shot. Imagine copies of the comic sitting on the shelves of bookstores all over the city. For you to reach that level of achievement, you need to have good content.


With the COOL package, you get:
•    One-on-one author support services
•    Expert editor evaluation
•    A customized comic book cover
•    Copyright registration
•    An ISBN (International Standard Book Number)
•    Inclusion with Amazon
•    Global comic book distribution
•    An author webpage


COOL provides you with a one-stop solution to get help and support with content, publishing, distribution, and coverage of the comic. So give life to your ideas and see your hard work in the stands. It is our duty to support you in your publishing process from the beginning to the end.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our representative for more package details. It is in our best interest to offer package prices that suit your needs.



You are learning about your power. 


You are cool and you know it. Let others see how cool you are.


Your superhero powers are activated. 


Your wow factor has reached it's peak. You are on the cutting-edge of greatness.


PSSST...!  Listen closely. We create your comic book for you. WHOOSH!  

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