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Love to the Rescue

Bobby has always been very shy. He was sweating every time his teacher was asking him something, even though he knew the answer. His parents couldn’t understand why he was so shy. He was a very smart and good-looking boy. Because of his shyness, many of his classmates made fun of him and called him names. This made Bobby sad and even more introverted.

Until one day, when a new child transferred to their school. Her name was Love and she seemed to be an ordinary child. At least she was looking like an ordinary child. With kind eyes and curly hair, she was very friendly with everyone, including Bobby. At first, Bobby was a little surprised. He was glad to see that somebody is being friendly with him. In fact, Love was his only friend.

One evening, while they were working on a project, Bobby decided to tell Love about his revenge plan. He was sick and tired of being bullied.

“I know a karate kid who was expelled from school for defending himself. He will do anything for revenge. I can tell him to scare them a little bit,” said Bobby.

Love was shocked to hear that.

“This is so wrong!” exclaimed Love,” You can’t do that!” “Why?” asked Bobby, “They are doing the same thing to me. They are mean.”

“Yes, but you are not mean. You should not do that. An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.”

“Then what should I do?” asked Bobby.

“You should show them how to become better people, instead of letting them transform you into a mean person.”

Next day at school, a child who used to bully Bobby tripped and fell. “Go and help him!” said Love. At first, Bobby was a little confused, but then he understood. He went and helped him.

The boy was a little surprised to see that. “Why did you do that?” asked the boy. “Because that’s what a kind person does.” replied Bobby.

Since that day, that boy stopped bullying Bobby, and Bobby thanked Love for her good advice.

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