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Global Warming - Think Like a Kid

Global warming affects all of us in some way. Learning about global warming and its effect on our planet will help us facilitate ideas on how to save it. Whether you’re a kid, an adult, or a senior citizen, we can all contribute in making our world a better and safer place. Below are a few tips that may be useful in daily conservation.


Learning how to save as much energy as possible has a lot of influence in global warming. By unplugging or turning off things in our room when they are not in use, can help save lots of energy. A good example would be turning off the laptop, especially if the only reason for leaving it on is to see the screensaver. Screensavers are eye-catching pictures, but a practical way to conserve energy is to turn it off or place your computer in sleep or hibernation mode. Video games are so much fun to play, especially when playing with others. If left unattended for long hours, or you are waiting for someone to send a message to play online with you, this too wastes energy. To save energy and time, consider scheduling play time with others. Tablets and smartphones also consume energy if we leave them on for too many hours. There is a power saving feature on each device that also saves energy.


Recycling is extremely important too. Learning about items that should be recycled will make the sorting process easier. We can also show our friends and family how to recycle once we learn the process. By helping others save our planet, we are contributing to a greater cause while making a huge difference in the world.


Planting trees is another good habit to embrace. The more we plant trees in gardens and parks, the better chance of survival we give to our planet. An earth filled with trees contributes to a healthy and strong earth that withstands environmental pollution.

Those are some habits that we can begin changing. As more people get involved, the stronger our global efforts will become.

To save our planet we must work as a team. The internet is a global communication gateway to spread the message, "Heal our world by saving our planet." The planet will still be a beautiful place to live in many centuries from now.

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