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It is challenging to understand how climate change occurs, and what causes it, it is even more challenging to explain so that children understand. However, here we will simplify things for you. So, this means you must make an effort to learn, because you, the smallest ones will inherit this planet and will face the greatest environmental problem. The study of climate is a difficult field of study. Also, it is rapidly developing due to a large number of factors. The fact is that the Earth's climate has never been still. As a result of changes in energy balance, variations occur.

The main cause is certain activities that are carried out by human beings, especially the burning of fossil fuels. Also, a lifestyle must be adopted that does not contribute to climate change without losing the quality of life. Climate change is normal and it happens on a regional and global scale. In general, it is a natural order change, but currently, it is found that due to human involvement, there is an impact on climate. A complex phenomenon, perhaps? Do not worry, read further. There are many things due to which the climate is affected. However, both water and carbon are external parameters to the planet itself. The fact is that the solar winds and the position of Moon, for sure generate changes on atmospheric conditions. These conditions aid in what is known as “climate change”.

Climate change is mainly caused by natural conditions. The climatic parameters involve the temperature, precipitation, cloudiness, etc. There is a term widely used called "greenhouse effect"; it refers to preservation of heat from the sun in the Earth's atmosphere by a layer of gases. Without them, life as we know it would not be possible because the planet would be too cold. These gases include carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and methane, which are released by industry and agriculture. Study shows that slowly and gradually the concentration of these gases has increased by 30% since the last century.

While climate change is not synonymous with global warming, as it responds to various causes and results in multiple consequences, we find that global warming commonly associated with this phenomenon of increased average temperature occurs in the atmosphere and oceans. But in addition to warming, climate change also affects precipitation, cloud cover and many other parameters, as aforementioned.


The Earth is warming because people loose heat-trapping gases, mainly from burning fossil fuels. Also, the heat causes the melting glaciers and severe storms. All these changes are happening faster than ever. By seeing the pictures of melting ice caps may be the best way to visualize the problem. But, how will this stop? Have you ever thought about it?

Climate change affects us all. The prospective impact is huge. This impact will be quite visible to the humans in a couple of years. There may be a shortage of drinking water; there will be major changes in the conditions for food production. Apart from it, there may be an increased amount of mortality rate due to floods, storms, droughts, heat waves and all the other natural disasters. In short, climate change is not only environmental but if we think deeply, it has an economic and social consequence factor. The countries which are developed will deal with such huge issues, but what about the poorest countries? The poor countries are usually less prepared to deal with rapid change. This, they will suffer the worst consequences.

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