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Valerie Sherrod

From  a self-published author to CEO of Femini Publishing and Enterprises, I built a publishing empire, which includes The 90 Day Author, The 90 Day Author Kids, Couleure Fashion Magazine and Exhousia Comics.

Founded in 2014, The 90 Day Author Kids, which is our primary focus, was created to help a specific group of children unleash the creative genius in them. With an emphasis on creative intelligence, children have the ability to incorporate various expressions of creativity through art. While most traditional schools offer an institutional approach to education, not all kids adopt the same learning style. Children should be able to express themselves through various means of education without stigmas created by systems that hinder creative channels. 

With years of experience in the book publishing industry, our team has worked with many authors to get their works in print by navigating the challenging, yet rewarding process. 

I am also the author of several children comic books including, Dominion 12 - Superhero Kids Against Bullying, Global Warming - Think Like a Kid, Patience and the Pirates, and our newest bedtime storybook, Honesty and Integrity.


In addition, I am a children’s advocate, volunteer reading teacher for kindergarteners, book publisher and multi-gifted artist. I also possess wisdom, wit and have a great sense of humor.  


In my community, I taught life skills to women and teenagers, engaged in foreign missions, and has aided in the development of leaders and entrepreneurs by providing life coaching and consultation.


Presently, I am in the process of building my legacy, a non-profit organization centered on disenfranchised and underprivileged children.

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