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You have come up with that unique idea and have successfully converted it into writing, and you either have published it or still planning to. There is a crucial factor that you need to consider just before you fold your hands and watch the world request for your book; it is called "Book Marketing."

Book marketing is the biggest secret to getting your book into the hands and mouth of the world. This is what the famous authors you have chosen as mentors do to get the world reading their books. The truth is that there are thousands of books that look like yours, and this can confuse a lot of people when it comes to selecting the perfect book.

You know your book is unique and from a heroic mind, your publisher also knows, but do you know who else needs to know? The entire world. The best way to get them to know is by marketing your book.

There are countless ways of doing book marketing, which can be both online and offline. We will be pointing out some of these strategies. However, you need to know that every book has its unique plan and strategy and so, you need a powerful and qualified marketer to help you streamline the best strategies that will work for you. If you feel like working alone, you will exhaust yourself and your golden book will not make it to the market. We are sure you do not want that; hence, we are helping you with plans and strategies specially streamlined to make your book go global.




This is the most basic of the marketing strategies you must have to wow your audience with your book. You need a customized website for your book; this way, your audience can see that you are serious about your goals. This builds trust between you and your readers and gives them the opportunity to see more of your creative works.

Also, the entire world is going online, and most people now choose to buy online, so if you can share some of your exciting contents with your audience and get their taste buds activated, then, they will want to get more and then they can buy your books from your site. This way, you can pass your message across to the world while you also gain financially from your writing.



Having a website is good, but having exciting content is better. Content creation is another secret strategy that can engage your audience better and get them to request for your book and even share it with friends.

With the help of your website and online presence, you can create content using the power of search engine optimized keywords that can put your website on the first page of Google and other search engines. This way, it is easy for the world to see and search for your site, and then you can get your outstanding book seen by the world.



This is by far one of the most significant means of online marketing. The social media platform is getting bigger every passing day, and you need every important platform to get your book to the world. Many writers, however, miss out on the best way to use the social media platform because they feel everyone online is their audience. This is far from being true; to best enjoy social media, you need to select the category of people you want to reach. How will you find it out? Your topnotch book has a title and it has a particular category it concentrates on. When using the social media channel, you must be able to identify those interested in this category and go after them.



Amazon is one of the biggest stores that helps to sell books online. Many authors have accounts on this platform, and you should too. There are technicalities involved which require special help to get you recognized. The titles you use, the kind of reviews you get as well as some other features you need should be handled by experts. The online store is one massive means of making lots of gains from your writing, and you also get the world to see what you have to offer.

There are so many other online strategies to use such as reaching out to other authors online for feedback, and the list goes on and on.


This also involves a whole lot, and it is a big secret of marketing. You can engage your audience online, but is it not better to meet them face to face and engage them more. The offline platform is limitless, and the list is endless. Some of the powerful and most potent offline means include Book tours, attending seminars, hosting programs and shows, engaging in book signings and campaign, partnering with other authors, visiting schools, institutions and other gatherings of like-minded people and pitch your book to them.

The list for both online and offline strategies is far longer than this. However, as said earlier, you cannot do it all, but you can take a giant step at a time and with the help of the right marketer, you can figure out the strategy that works best for your unique book and effectively utilize these strategies to achieve the desired result.










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