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The top on the list and by far the best in our packages is the 0MG package. This special package is specifically reserved for the special ones. Okay, so the big question is, what makes you unique?

If you were to pick between reading an ordinary book and another one filled with color illustrations, which would you opt for? Of course, you will definitely prefer the one with color illustrations. This is one of the numerous and outstanding features of our OMG plan. At 90 Day Author Kids, we design the classic color illustrations that perfectly depicts the heroic thoughts behind your writing.

The OMG package is unique because it incorporates the WOW package and additional mouth-watering features that will make you and all your customers’ exclamate "OMG" just at the sight of your classic book.

Apart from color illustrations, we also have other features made available for you because true heroes deserve the best, and you are definitely one. Some of these customized features include:

•    Free publicity of your publication for three months
•    Inclusion of additional promotional materials
•    Premium proofreading of your content by our Editorial team
•    Proper lexis and structure construction and correction
•    Full rewrite of your story without altering the style of the publication

These are awesome and essential features you cannot afford to miss out on your publication, but guess what? The OMG package is not restricted to the features above. We are open to including your ideas and specifications, customizing this plan to suit you perfectly!

We know you cannot wait to see the expression on people’s faces when they read your story. We are also ready to help transform your content into the best. Contact our support team today, and let's get started in making that thought of yours become a reality!



You are learning about your power. 


You are cool and you know it. Let others see how cool you are.


Your superhero powers are activated. 


Your wow factor has reached it's peak. You are on the cutting-edge of greatness.


PSSST...!  Listen closely. We create your comic book for you. WHOOSH!  

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