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If I were to work with you, what could I expect?

We will give you our undivided attention and all the guidance you need to help ensure your publication gets into circulation within the shortest period of time. Our team of editors, proofreaders and the like will do whatever it takes to make your experience with us a positive one. Your success is our success, which is why we strongly believe in working together as a team.


Who is the 90 Day Author Kids?

The 90 Day Author Kids are a team of professionals who have decades of book publishing experience. They go on to provide the best experience to young and aspiring authors of children's books which include all aspects of getting their newly created book published and ready for distribution. 



Why should I choose you over your competition?

The 90 Day Author Kids offers five different packages, which include our POW, COOL, SUPER, WOW and OMG Packages to provide you with the best publishing options to suit your needs. It does not stop there! We go on to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the work we have done before getting it ready for publication. All our work is fully guaranteed and only the best materials are used to put your publication together, all at extremely affordable rates. 


How would our arrangement work?

The first step would involve meeting up with you and your parents to devise a plan for your publication. Prior to you writing your book, we need to sit down with you and discuss the best way to move forward, to ensure you have a measure of success with your new-found ideas. Our team will carefully evaluate your needs and put forth their recommendations accordingly before proceeding to the next step. You are literally taken by the hand from the beginning to the end.


How can you help me define my target market?

Our marketing team will help you to define the target market you should focus your attention on by doing an analysis of your proposed publication.  In addition, we provide you with a detailed report where common characteristics and interests of your target market are being highlighted. We will point you in the right direction and give you clear guidelines to assist you in researching your target market.


Once we have a target market, how could you help me reach it?

Our team of experts will help you to compile various marketing materials such as online and offline flyers, and other advertising material to help attract your target market to your new publication.


What could I reasonably expect in terms of results?

​We have a very good success rate as your publication gets distributed to well known stores both online and offline like Barnes & Nobles and Amazon. Your chances of achieving success is even greater if you opted for our OMG package as we will go on to ensure your website is well optimized to attract targeted visitors to your site.


What kind of support can I expect after the book is published?


We offer you a comprehensive marketing plan that is developed for you by one of our professional team member that is in line with your goals, the time you are available for discussion, and your budget of course. We go on to offer you 30 minutes of FREE telephone consultation where we would outline your next steps for you.​


Who will own the rights to this book?

As an author of your own publication you own the rights to your book for the duration of your lifetime. The copyright will be in the author's name.


What do you provide in terms of getting the book into stores or other distribution?


We are willing to liaise with well-known companies on your behalf such as Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and others that we have partnered with. This would include the distribution of a certain amount of softcover books that is in line with the package you opted for and making them available for purchase in some of the well-known stores in your area.


Do you handle marketing and fulfillment?


We make sure that the demand for your publication is fulfilled and our team will assist you in marketing your newly published book as well. Our project managers are ready to take your call and assist you in the way they know best.​

What about a website to promote the book?


Sure! With our WOW and OMG Packages we make provision for that. You can also check it out by visiting our About page


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