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Kid authors also need to brand their work, which is why the team at The 90 Day Author Kids will give you all the guidance you need to build a solid profile. This includes things like blog posts and newsletters in which reference is made to your publication.

Your manuscript is beautiful; however, there is a unique way of designing the interior of your book that shows professionalism. Do you want your superhero contents to wham into the mind of your readers, then trust us with the interior design and watch the magic happen! 

Aren’t you eager to get all these sweet, savory packages delivered to your table immediately. Then, wait no longer, check out our price packages and place your order instantly!

We offer some useful packages from which to make your selection. These packages assist in establishing your authenticity as an author. We use our imagination and make the whole process of getting your book published fun, with a creative element attached to it. You are invited to check out our Packages Page for The 90 Day Author Kids.


The 90 Day Author Kids offers five different packages which include our POWl, COOL, SUPER, WOW, and OMG Packages to provide you with the best possible publishing options to suit your needs. It does not stop there! We go on to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the work we have done before getting it ready for publication. All our work is fully guaranteed and only the best materials are used to put your book together.




You are learning about your power. 


You are cool and you know it. Let others see how cool you are.


Your superhero powers are activated. 


Your wow factor has reached it's peak. You are on the cutting-edge of greatness.


PSSST...!  Listen closely. We create your comic book for you. WHOOSH!  

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